Who are we?
Bavaria Flight Service is a company specialized in aircrafts rentals.
As a medium-sized company from northern Bavaria, we bear the name “Bavaria” in addition to the “service” to our customers, whom we are committed to.
We connect the personal, the uncomplicated and the reliable.
After all, it’s about you – and you are the center of our business!

What do we offer?
Aircraft rental is our core business. But there is much more. Our goal is to offer our customers more “flying experience”. This includes a perfect service around the rental and a pleasant, unforgettable flight ambience in our well-equipped aircrafts.
We are happy to organize your transfer to or from the airport or help you book your hotel – we are always open to your wishes and suggestions!

Just contact us.

What do I have to consider?
We rent our aircraft without pilots.

Do I have to find a suitable pilot myself?
No. You do not have to “search”. We do it for you!
Due to our strict requirements for safe flying and the growing customer base, we do not allow every pilot to fly with our aircrafts. There are strict safety requirements within our organisation!
We cooperate with well known and experienced professionals, such as KAA-Aviation, providing pilots who can demonstrate the necessary flight practice to conduct safe flights that outrace beyond legal requirements.

How does the processing work?
In accordance with your request, we will provide you with a suitable pilot for commissioning, who flies the aircraft for you in the context of an independent pilot relationship.
This takes the necessary formalities in consultation with us.
All of this is standardized. You do not have to worry about anything and can enjoy your flight.

What makes us special?
We attach great importance to personal interaction with our customers. This is at the center and does not go down in the mass.
See for yourself!