Aircraft rental - and much more

Are you annoyed by congested streets and long congestion where it does not precede a meter? Do you have enough of endless seeming highway construction sites that prevent you from reaching your destination quickly? Are you tired of traveling in overcrowded and chronically delayed trains?

We think: Life is too short to waste time unnecessarily!
So why not just fly?

We, at Bavaria Flight Service, offer you a large selection of charter aircraft and helicopters, tailored to your needs: from the small aircraft or manoeuvrable helicopter for short journeys to the big jet for your long haul operation.
Dive into the world of flying with our aircrafts and feel like a VIP!

Leave the tedious queuing at check-in and security checks behind you and stay flexible and free in your travel plans.
Get rid of rigid airline schedules and experience the freedom to fly and land at over 1000 airports around the world – big or small – whenever you want!

Impossible? It’s not! Interested? Then we invite you! Be our guest and experience flying with our charter aircraft and helicopters at its best – as you have always imagined.

We’ll take care of the Drumherum! Because we do not carry the word “service” in the name for nothing! We are happy to serve you!

Contact us!

The Bavaria Flight Service operates internationally and provides aircraft flying beyond the Federal territory.

Our customers appreciate this flexibility and the associated possibilities.
The diagram on the left shows the hourly range – from our Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage aircraft and our home flight in Hof, Germany.

additional services

We provide you with additional services to tailor your trips to your demands.
– Let us book your hotels
– We get you a limousine at the airport
– Security service
– and much more

just let us know about your needs, we care for it.